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U.S. carceral policy consulting & wellness programs for incarcerated individuals

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Our goal


Inside/Outside Consults, Inc. will change carceral policy to improve the health and wellness of people currently incarcerated in the United States, by remodeling the carceral system for rehabilitation and therapy, thus increasing re-entry and reducing recidivism.

​We envision a country and world of healthy and balanced human beings, who return to society and never return to prison. A carceral system which is productive to society must address the needs of those who must pass through it, as punishment cannot achieve this end. The needs of every person who enters prison must be identified and addressed with targeted programs, mental health treatment, job training inside, job placement outside, housing obtained before release, and continued therapy upon release.

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About Us


Inside/Outside Consults, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to reimagining the way we rehabilitate offenders and restore justice in the U.S. We will consult for big tech, national and multinational corporations, and professional sports teams, to provide them the plan and strategy to live up to their commitment to live up to their platform of social and criminal justice reforms. On the road to abolition, we will change prisons from being punitive to wellness-focused. We want to provide the necessary resources for all incarcerated individuals to heal and develop core values so they may re-enter society being whole and well. We've found that when people are informed and given facts about issues, such as criminal justice and carceral restructuring, it changes the narrative and opens the way for restorative justice to become the new model for societal healing. This is why we exist: we educate and create programs to advance the conversation past just words, and onto action.

Inside/Outside Consults was founded by Phillip Alvin Jones, Jr., who is currently an incarcerated individual. Having been in the prison system for 31 years, Phillip has become an expert on the programs and self-improvement components which foster positive change and developmental growth. The purpose of Inside/Outside is to consult the prison policy makers, DOC officials, legislative bodies, and State Government with evidence based research and clear pathways to reimagine prisons. We believe that prison is not just a loss of liberty, but a time for a person to be healed and made whole.

We believe that mental health is at the root of all substance abuse, offenses, and harm. If we can help incarcerated individuals overcome their mental and emotional struggles, then we can create a pathway toward redemption and successful reentry. We believe in synergy, the power of people and community, the global village, and that bringing people together in an effort to raise awareness can bring about monumental achievements. In a word, we believe in ubuntu: "I am because we are." If you share the vision of Inside/Outside Consults, and would like to make a difference, then we encourage you to join us in this effort, by either providing support in the form of donations, or active participation. Your support will be greatly valued.

After doing extensive work with A Beautiful Heart Ministries (ABHM), we realized we were working towards the same objective from opposite sides of the spectrum. But we are stronger as a unit, so we have joined forces with Dr. Clover Perez, Executive Director of A ABHM. ABHM is an amazing organization that provides for formerly incarcerated women and girls by focusing on a five-pronged approach: economic advancement, empowerment, education, alternative to incarceration, and wellness to facilitate change, restore healing, and reduce recidivism. To learn more about ABHM please visit We are excited about our joint ventures to come.

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Giving Season!! End of year donations 

To support the healing efforts of men and women incarcerated. Please donate here;

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Corporate Identity Campaign

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

Support Team Phillip


Learn about Phillip Alvin Jones, Jr. and his parole case, and donate to his cause so he can re-enter society, and continue work with Inside/Outside Consults while free!

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To learn more about our projects, connect with Phillip directly via

Alvin Jones 881507

Washington Department of Corrections

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